Lie Detection for the Modern World

Society is full of mistrust and confusion. MyLieDetect is here to help mitigate some of the problems this sad fact causes. MyLieDetect product is brought to you by Ruiz Protective Service, Inc. (RPS), a recognized leader in lie detection. RPS has been in the business of lie detection since 1994. Up to now, we have concentrated our efforts in the public service arena (e.g. law enforcement) though we have served other communities as well.

We are now proud to bring our expertise to the public so that everyone can take advantage of lie detection services. To do this, we have made every effort to make the process simple and unintimidating. Our examiners are top-notch professionals who are interested in finding the truth, not in forcing "confessions".

Hollywood has presented a misleading portrait of polygraph, and lie detection in general. We aim to correct the record and make lie detection a common tool in the pursuit of truth. We believe strongly that trust is the most important thing there can be between two people. All else is based on this foundation. MyLieDetect is designed to rebuild trust in cases where it has been damaged.

There are several categories of lie detection testing: Relationship Testing, Employee Testing, and Legal Testing. Each one has it's own unique requirements, restrictions, and goals. Use the options at the top of this page to learn more about each type.

Relationship testing is for couples or family members in a relationship where the trust bond is in danger. We have all experienced cases where it feels that we cannot trust those we love. MyLieDetect is designed to rebuild that trust. Whether the person accused is guilty or not, knowing the truth can rebuild the foundation of trust and set everyone on the road to reconciliation.

Employee testing is for employers who have a strong reason to believe that one or more employees have been involved in serious misconduct, including committing a crime. The truth is that employee theft and other crimes is a very real problem but it's also true that only a small percentage of employees are guilty. MyLieDetect will help to sort out the bad actors and rebuild the foundation of trust that is implicit in an employee-employer arrangement.

Attorney testing is often used by attorneys in the defense of their clients or by investigators in the course of their work. Knowing the truth can help in building a firm defense or negotiating a settlement.