Relationship Testing

Helping relationships rebuild trust

At MyLieDetect, our focus is to help rebuild damaged relationships. Loss of trust is probably the most frequent reason why relationships that once thrived become brittle and broken.

When the trust is damaged, it can become nearly impossible for a relationship to ever thrive as it once did. Without trust, most relationships end but even those that survive do so with lingering doubts.

Our purpose in Relationship Testing is to help you establish the truth and to help you end the daily nightmares of doubt and wondering.

Sometimes people have cheated on each other but at other times circumstances seed doubts about events that never happened. That perhaps, is the worst situation because it can end a good relationship when there was no legitimate reason to end it.

We can help you by administering a lie detection examination using the most modern lie detection process available. It is called EyeDetect. EyeDetect has many advantages over a traditional polygraph for relationship testing.

With a traditional polygraph the examinee has to discuss intimate details of their life and relationship with a polygraph examiner. This is an emotional topic that often leads to significant personal embarrassment and shame which the examinee would prefer to not discuss with a stranger; especially one that is not a trained relationship counselor. This emotional state during the testing phase can lead to a higher rate of inconclusive or inaccurate results.

At RPS we have been in the business of lie detection since 1982. We have always strived to utilize only the most modern lie detection equipment and protocols. We believe that the most appropriate and accurate test for relationship testing is EyeDetect.

We still administer thousands of polygraph examinations annually but will only utilize EyeDetect for Relationship Testing for the following reasons.

EyeDetect vs. Polygraph for Relationship Testing

Fully automatedYesNo
Embarassing face-to-face InterviewNoYes
Human scoring with possible human errorNoYes
Storage of personal information*NoYes
Inconclusive rate***None6-10%

* Texas law requires that all information gathered during a polygraph must be stored for a period of two years and subject to inspection by state investigators at any time without or without cause. This also makes the information subject to possible public disclosure. The information is also subject to disclosure via a subpoena during a hearing such as during a divorce. Utilizing the EyeDetect process we do not collect any personal information other than the question and answer.

** The accuracy of a polygraph can vary widely from examiner to examiner and even with the same examiner due to personal judgment, skill level, state of exhaustion and personal bias. EyeDetect scoring is completely automated and scored by an algorithm on a server in Utah which scores all examinations administered worldwide. There is never any variance in the scoring.

*** We believe that in Relationship Testing the Inconclusive rate with a polygraph can be much higher than in pre-employment testing because the subject matter of the test leads to a much higher emotional state and because in polygraph testing the examinee has to disclose embarrassing information to a stranger who is not a trained counselor.