Attorney Testing

Bringing justice to all

Defense attorneys, prosecutors and private investigators have successfully used polygraph to establish the truth regarding an accused’s version of events.

Establishing the truth leads to better decisions regarding the defense strategy.

Establishing the truth also allows the prosecutor’s office to make a more informed decision regarding which charges to file or whether to file any charges at all.

Investigators who can establish the veracity of the examinee’s version of events are able to save valuable time and resources by having a better understanding of who is and who is not a real suspect.

For nearly 100 years this has been done with the use of a polygraph examination alone which if properly administered by a competent examiner can yield results of 86% to 90% accuracy. Today, we can harness the power of EyeDetect, the most modern lie detection system ever developed, in combination with the traditional polygraph to yield confidence levels as high as 99%.

Polygraph and Successive Hurdles:

EyeDetect® with Polygraph = 97-99% Outcome Confidence.

If EyeDetect and polygraph are used in succession, they combine statistically for an outcome confidence as high as 97-99% when an examinee passes or fails both tests.

EyeDetect is not some new science developed by someone new to the lie detection field. EyeDetect was developed over a ten-year period by the same scientists who invented the computerized polygraph machine in wide use today throughout the world. They are the same scientists who also developed the Utah polygraph testing format which is recognized in the polygraph community as the most accurate polygraph testing format.

EyeDetect, the computerized polygraph instrument, and the Utah testing format were developed at the University of Utah by professors Dr. David Raskin and Dr. John Kirchner.

Ruiz Protective Service can administer both the EyeDetect and a traditional polygraph examination to your clients at your convenience. Scheduling an exam through MyLieDetect will provide both exams for a single low cost. We can also accomodate other testing scenarios, as needed.

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